Swimming in the Dog Bed

This is why my dirty little bean will be getting a bath today.  Yuck! My husband often asks me, "Does Rigs need a bath tonight?"  Me (a little defensively): "Of course he needs a bath! Do you have any idea what he has done today? What kind of mother do you think I am to let him skip baths?"  Today, I must have looked away for a total of 50 seconds to look down just in time to see Rigby bathing and rolling in Dylan's hair and grime covered bed.  I grabbed the camera on the desk just in time.  I just had to prove to Andy that Rigby really does get to be a boy sometimes.
    I love our rescue dog, Dylan, but I don't love him enough to let him hang out on our couch or sleep in our room, let alone our bed.  I only loved him enough to rescue him, pet him and feed him (and not to forget the 500 dollar vet bill to prevent him from dying-but that's another story)  I honestly think I'd rather see a fat man take a shower than see someone sleep in the same bed as their dog-Princess Chihuahua included. 
     I confess, I kind of have OCD-in case you couldn't tell already.  But whenever Rigby is ready for a nap, he crawls over to Dylan and rests his sleepy little head.  Tonight, I actually look forward to giving him his bath so I can hug him afterwards without being coated in hair.  And another bonus* 'Dylan the Dog's' foster mom will be happy to see he's still in good hands when I show her these photos.


Playroom Transformation

After much consideration, this icky room was transformed into a playroom.  By real estate definition, it's a '3rd bedroom' but rather than incorporate a daybed and office, we went with a cheery playroom.  Well, actually, I went with it.  Andy wanted it to be a room for himself and his guitars.  He gave in when he realized Rigs only had the stairs to play on.  

    Needless to say, Rigs is much happier with time to himself in his little space.  Sometimes he even lets us enjoy it too while we get to clean up after him.  It's amazing what a can of paint will do.  We got the car rug off of our local craigslist and the cute posters from a local toy store, although I'm sure you could just make your own.  The toy storage bins are from Target. 

Stairwell, Before and After

They might only be stairs, but they make or break the way this entire section of the house looks.  Andy has been slaving away on different parts of the house and while he refinished the wood on the stairs, I painted the awful black, backdrop a nice snowy white.  I have to admit, I do try to keep the back of my shoes from scuffing it on the way down.  It just looks so much better painted white and minus the linoleum step pads. (don't forget to use primer or it won't come out so white)