Spruce up a Toy!

My son loves trucks, but on this particular day, the truck seemed sad and boring.  I used my left over lollipop bags to stuff odds and ends in.  You could even use real trash.  Not only is the truck made of recyclable material but so are my hand made accessories.   Now little Rigs has real garage bags for his dump truck.  He had fun for 30 minutes pulling the bags in and out of the trucks.  The best part is that I didn't have to buy them-I made them in 5 minutes or less.


Before and After Backsplash (so far)

*Our kitchen nightmare has gradually turned into some what of an experimental DIY project, at best.  Andy cut the butcher block from Ikea to fit in this jagged space while I tried my first tiling ever.  As you can see, I haven't put up the border yet between butcher and tile and I did not use bull nose tiles in an effort to save 2-3 hundred bucks.  Oh well.  I am not going for the HGTV dream home kitchen look (obviously) but I'm just aiming for it to look like a kitchen (instead of a dirty laundry nook). 
   When we originally found our home, it was clear that a hoarder had lived there.  It took me a year just to completely get rid of the filth in this kitchen.  Needless to say, an old toothbrush has become my new best friend!