Before and After Backsplash (so far)

*Our kitchen nightmare has gradually turned into some what of an experimental DIY project, at best.  Andy cut the butcher block from Ikea to fit in this jagged space while I tried my first tiling ever.  As you can see, I haven't put up the border yet between butcher and tile and I did not use bull nose tiles in an effort to save 2-3 hundred bucks.  Oh well.  I am not going for the HGTV dream home kitchen look (obviously) but I'm just aiming for it to look like a kitchen (instead of a dirty laundry nook). 
   When we originally found our home, it was clear that a hoarder had lived there.  It took me a year just to completely get rid of the filth in this kitchen.  Needless to say, an old toothbrush has become my new best friend! 

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  1. I love the tile color...I really want to do something similar in our kitchen. And butcher block counters are my new favorite thing