Living Room Door Makeover!

Sometimes I still feel icky when I think of what the living room used to be.  It's sad to think an old lady lived in a home in such shambles but I like to think that in better times, she must have had a cute living room.  It certainly feels homey now, although I'm not sure anyone could have foreseen the room looking like this when compared to the original picture of the house on the market....yuck!  And who tapes their door shut anyway? 
  *Couch: Ikea,   Flatscreen: black Friday deal at Walmart!,  Carpet Sample: 1 dollar at Darien Carpet, Shelf: TJ Maxx,  Bookshelf: BoyScout Flee Market,  Mirror and Letters: Anthropologie,  Wall Paint: Ticonderoga Taupe (992) -taken from the Benjamin Moore website,   Floors: original pine that Andy finished himself.

Garage Before and After (part 1)

( *Picture blurred on purpose to give privacy to neighbors, etc)
It has been a long time since I updated this majorly outside of our farm house, but it's such a relief.  It's hard to believe this is the same place, when you consider the record breaking blizzards this past winter with 10 foot snowbanks.  It's so refreshing to see boxwood along the crevice of the garage!  I'm not sure I will keep it this white, but it's better than puke green peeling paint.