The OCD Fridge!

Yes, it's really my fridge- and yes, I really do have OCD.  But it's not the flavor of OCD in which one often hoards, but rather, quite the opposite.  I jokingly call it binge hoarding- I do love to shop but I clean out as well! 
   I love to re-organize, even though I'm not a natural.  My friend and I were talking about how his mom would use clear skinny bottles to store milk in so that she would have room in her kitchen.  It really got me thinking about how that bulky one gallon of whole milk really does take up an entire section of a refridgerator. 
     So yesterday, my friend Sam and I went to Target and found these cool plastic bottles that resemble glass bottles.  They make pouring milk so easy.  As for the other things, I ripped off labels (provided I could still see the exp. date somewhere on the bottle) and put things in pretty containers that pull out like drawers.  

    Not only is my fridge attractive now, but it's much more functional without a bunch of things tossed in there randomly.  Not to mention, with less color (minus the labels) your eyes don't divert everywhere at once to try and find what you are looking for. 
    The clear cereal containers for organizing come from IKEA and the porcelain egg holder up top is from William Sonoma- an early Easter gift from Andy!

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