Swimming in the Dog Bed

This is why my dirty little bean will be getting a bath today.  Yuck! My husband often asks me, "Does Rigs need a bath tonight?"  Me (a little defensively): "Of course he needs a bath! Do you have any idea what he has done today? What kind of mother do you think I am to let him skip baths?"  Today, I must have looked away for a total of 50 seconds to look down just in time to see Rigby bathing and rolling in Dylan's hair and grime covered bed.  I grabbed the camera on the desk just in time.  I just had to prove to Andy that Rigby really does get to be a boy sometimes.
    I love our rescue dog, Dylan, but I don't love him enough to let him hang out on our couch or sleep in our room, let alone our bed.  I only loved him enough to rescue him, pet him and feed him (and not to forget the 500 dollar vet bill to prevent him from dying-but that's another story)  I honestly think I'd rather see a fat man take a shower than see someone sleep in the same bed as their dog-Princess Chihuahua included. 
     I confess, I kind of have OCD-in case you couldn't tell already.  But whenever Rigby is ready for a nap, he crawls over to Dylan and rests his sleepy little head.  Tonight, I actually look forward to giving him his bath so I can hug him afterwards without being coated in hair.  And another bonus* 'Dylan the Dog's' foster mom will be happy to see he's still in good hands when I show her these photos.

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